#PlusPost – Week 6 – Scavenger Hunt

#PlusPost – Week 6 – Scavenger Hunt

This past week has been a whirlwind of frustrations, fun, failures, re-tries, computers crashing, lessons learned about the importance of back-ups, etc.

I’d hoped to use an image of a gravestone with the name “LIBERTY” on it to celebrate this last official week of our mentorship, but….it’s been lost along with many others in an unfortunate Mac Update/Crash. Life Happens. So….
Instead, I’ll use this image of my constant helper and myself out shooting the walls of a Dam on the Illinois & Michigan canal yesterday afternoon…joined by a solitary Dandelion, growing out the side of the wall….indicating that we can indeed Bloom and Blossom where we’re at, no matter the seeming impossibilities.

Thanks to Stephen Thackeray,  for being our hosting Mentor this week, and to all the Mentors and Mentees of the G+ Mentorship Program for Photographers for their helpful spirits and camaraderie!


  1. i thought Mac’s didn’t crash ? does Stevie Jobs know this ? i also should have backed up files this week, cause with  the shitty Windows update i lost valuable items ….. i need a portable HD for music and files but for music and music and 1 valuable item but mostly for music   

    hope the rest of the days that end with a Y are better


  2. ha!  I’ve had this old thing in to be fixed and completely reset 3 times…whoever told you Mac’s didn’t crash was an Apple FanBoy. 🙂
    Sorry you lost the stuff important to you, Sean Schmidt …”Updates”…more like, “Spring Cleaning”. :/


  3. Cathy Custer Donohoue​, I don’t know what it is about us that makes us think we’re Invincible until these things happen… but the good news is after many hours they were able to restore it and save all my files in the process!


  4. You men eat your dinner, eat your pork and beans
    I eat more chicken, than any man ever seen, yeah, yeah
    I’m a back door man, wha, the men don’t know
    But the little girl understand


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