Illinois & Michigan Canal

Illinois & Michigan Canal

Sometimes it’s all about learning to work with what you’ve got. I found myself longing for the big open Montana skies and the beautiful landscapes of Idaho and Wyoming that I saw last summer this week, while working on a final project for our photography mentorship, Camera Basics: Beyond Automatic.
Instead, I had my radius of small town suburban Southwest Chicagoland, rain, clouds, little free-time and lost images on a laptop that decided to stop working.
With never ending encouragement from my husband, (and lots of help), and cheers from an outstanding group of photography mentors and helpers and students, I used what I had at hand, adjusted my attitude (and my aperture)…and used some newly acquired know-how to complete my final assignment for our mentorship.

I intend to keep learning as long as I’m breathing…and I’m grateful for those who surround me who offer their knowledge and support. I’m still absorbing and practicing newly learned skills…but I intend to keep on trying, no matter what.

These are shots from Channahon and Minooka, Illinois, taken on the I & M Canal.


  1. Thanks Michael TepidPenguin … I used to think I took better photos with my phone, until I learned how to use my camera.
    I learn something new every day. Sometimes I learn that I still have a lot to learn! 😉


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