Childhood Friends

My first best friend lived next door to me and my Grannie at 886 Brandywine Street, Jacksonville, Florida, in the Northside Lake Forest neighborhood back in 1967… by some amazing coincidence, we found each other again tonight on a neighborhood Facebook page… Never underestimate the power of social media. We had lost touch for over 40 years but are now again reunited.

Overjoyed would be stating my current status mildly.. 😀


  1. I made my first proposal at the age of 5, but lost touch with my future bride at the age of 10. I got an update on her when I was 20-something in Okinawa, Japan from someone that went to high school with her and just happened to get stationed with me. Got her phone number but it was disconnected by the time I got state side and the nerve to try it.

    I haven’t heard anything in ages but I just know near the end of all … this.. we will meet again and have another great laugh and maybe one more awkward kiss.


  2. Sean Heffernan​, it strikes me as interesting that I was the bigger taller stronger older girl bending down to give Solace to a younger one back then… because when I think back I was always that smaller weaker one needing reassurance.
    Memory and our self recognizance is most empowering and also not often the most accurate remembrance, is it??


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