So…I’ve asked SuperDave not to help me with this study about learning how to use my camera.  I realize I lean on…

So…I’ve asked SuperDave not to help me with this study about learning how to use my camera.  I realize I lean on him entirely too much when it comes to cameras and televisions and the 6 remotes on the coffee table. And the settings on the heating and air conditioning and, well…you get the picture.
So, the only way for me to learn it, is to learn it on my own.  

However, the smirk on his face at the moment closely resembles this look of smug satisfaction I snapped of him, with a similar “fish out of water”. 
😉  heheheh.


  1. So did you have fish for dinner tonight or did you freeze them BobbieZen? It’s funny how just seeing the photo of the fish evokes the fresh fish smell I associate with my childhood when my dad took me fishing.


  2. Well, sometimes even a blind pig finds an acorn…  Just kidding!  I’ve been fascinated by photography for — well — decades.  Problem is, I’ve always approached it from a very technical angle (that’s me in a nutshell).  I’m still struggling to put any real soul into my work and truly be artistic with it.  Some people (you?) seem to be able to just pick up a camera and translate their artistic vision into a finished image.

    There’s a thing that goes something like this: When the beginner sees a photo he/she asks, “What were your camera settings?”.  The experienced photographer asks, “What were you thinking when you took that?”.  But the artist asks, “What were you feeling?”.

    I have a friend who is fantastically talented.  Every time I do something that I think is really creative, she tosses off something that just blows me away.  I can sit down and nitpick tiny little technical details of her work, but they are all things that don’t matter at all to the overall product.  It’s a sickness!  

    I remember something that RC Concepcion once talked about.  Hand a big print to a “normal” person and they will probably put in on the wall, stand back, and admire it.  Hand it to a photographer and he/she will hold it four inches from their nose and look it over for “defects” (none of which f*****g matter!).  I think we need to learn to not obsess of technical details and “defects” and just make art.

    I’d better quit now or you’ll want to charge me for a “therapy session”.


  3. Aww, Cilla C​. I’ve almost messaged you a couple times already!
    Also, SD is the one who suggested that I go see you & spend some girl time….he obviously loves you, too. 🙂


  4. All very true statements…in fact, I just read that aloud to him and he is very much the same way… he’s got the technical aspects down… speed, shutter, lighting, but he doesn’t feel strongly about his subjects and therefore doesn’t care for his own camera work.
    Me? I FEEL everything. William Parmley​
    That too, can be both a blessing and a curse depending on how we manage it.
    #freeofcharge btw 🙂


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