Just saying Hi.

Just saying Hi.
And thanks for the much needed distractions!
I’m wearing numerous hats today at work.  Procedure Room Nurse, Manager, I.T. Troubleshooter, X-Ray technician, A.R. and A.P., and all I really want to do is go home and read my Canon Rebel T2i Instruction manual. 
No, seriously.  I want to read it front to back. I’m not even kidding.

I’m a day late for #webcamWednesday  but that’s me these days, a day late and a dollar short.


  1. It was a birthday gift from the hubby just a few years back….and you know how you are always meaning to get to something??? I just haven’t gotten to it. Yet.  But right now I’m motivated to ‘git ‘er dun!”

    Also, I’m sure John R can help me translate, no? David Thiery


  2. You know what I miss, Terence Towles Canote ?  Old school film cameras. I only wish I had the negatives still to some shots I took 20+ years ago…I loved learning to shoot with those old cameras back in the day.


  3. BobbieZen I think I read somewhere that Kodak was going to start making old school film cameras again, at least for the motion picture industry. I guess a lot of well placed directors really don’t care much for digital!


  4. I promise to get to that video tonight or tomorrow by the way, Di Cleverly​… I had hoped to watch it with doc today but he had to leave early as sadly they needed to put their dog down. 😦


  5. I’m sure we got ours from a flea market or something but my parents still own the Set David Thiery​.
    I volunteered to be school librarian my last three years in high school just so I could be by the books…. loved that job. 🙂


  6. I think I may ask my mom if they’re willing to let me be the guardian of that set of encyclopedias. I’m going to love the fact that they are totally out of date as they were most likely printed in the late 60’s early 70’s, Di Cleverly​​​ & William Parmley​​​ & David Thiery​​​.
    They’re old friends, after all. 🙂


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