Ten things I don’t do any more:

Ten things I don’t do any more:

1. Wait in line.  For anything.
2. Blame others.
3. I forgot.
4. Gossip.
5. Tolerate rudeness.
6. Disco rollerskate. 
7. Waste energy on things I can’t control.
8. Worry about pleasing Everyone.
9. Expect reciprocation.
10. Dwell on the Past.


  1. We all try hard to live our lives in harmony
    For fear of falling swiftly over board Life is both a major and a minor key
    Just open up the chord.

    But the grass is always greener on the other side
    Neighbors got a new car that you want to drive
    And when time is running out you want to stay alive
    We all live under the same sky
    We all will live
    we all will die.
    There is no wrong
    There is no right
    The circle only has one side.

    From ….


  2. I just read the list, only saw the Grass meme before.

    1. I do. At the store when I have to if I really want my Spaghettios.

    9. I don’t. But I do. It often hurts when you do. This is a work in progress.

    Otherwise, I’m right with ya, chica …


  3. You’re the WINNER. Bobbi Jo Woods 
    Initial post had 1, 2, 4, 5, etc….
    nobody noticed…
    So yeah, I forgot to put a #3.  And also, I don’t use it as an excuse anymore, either.  I just go with, “OH, YA….I meant to do that.  I’ll get right on it!”


  4. Wow. With the exception of 6.. that’s a great list. I hated disco but for us past 40 the word ‘snowball’ conjures up happy memories of dreamy little girls waiting for not so dreamy little boys to muster up some courage and ask a girl to skate….

    But other than that yeah. Great list. 🙂

    You made me wanna grab an 8 ball, watch Less than Zero and listen to rollerskating music.

    “I’m all out of love..I’m so lost without you” etc.


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