1. I was waiting and the man behind me honked….then the parked driver hollared “we are holding it for him” and motioned me on….which I did till I was behind them. Then I locked my truck and went on inside leaving them both there. Nothing passive about it. Some days I can ignore it…some I can’t. It really depends on the number of dips I’ve dealt with already….


  2. My favorite christmas to activity is to sit in a parking spot with my ebrake on in reverse in the closest parking spot to the doors at the mall.

    Wait until someone rages at me then offer them a starbucks card to apologize for my “broken” car. The starbucks card typically has 25 cents left on it.


  3. Personally, I like to call out those I know on their passive aggressive tendencies.
    Then, watch their heads explode when they see it has no effect.
    And then, I am amused.

    I’m passive/aggressive evil like that.


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