1. Well, we all have our opinions but, at the age of 21, the youngest man I ever knew was a 98 year old.
    And I know he still had a sex life, with his wife, two years younger than him. I was told that in confidence, and not permitted to mention it to her.
    So, I think you’ll find it’s a very individual thing.
    Gilmour’s an example of that, also.
    Kaye Mc I’m sorry for your negative experiences.


  2. No clue what she’s on about, Gentlemen…
    Apparently she saw this post because of Google’s algorithm.
    More proof that the “interests” and algorithms aren’t working as we’d like them to.
    Also, David Gilmour is the sexiest man alive, imho. So, he’s got that going for him. 🙂


  3. BobbieZen  Jackson Browne showed me tonight that, at 67, he still has a great voice and heart.  I think the coincidence of two high profile losses overstate the odds. Enjoy Mr. Gilmour and your blue hair. (The Mrs. has an underlayer clump of pinkish red.)


  4. BobbieZen The last song of the Jackson Browne show last night was the one that he wrote with Glenn Frey – Take it Easy.

    The whole house was on its feet singing along. I’m glad that is what he chose given today’s news.


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