As humans we hold on to so many things, so much of which is negativity. It mutes the colors of life and makes the…

As humans we hold on to so many things, so much of which is negativity. It mutes the colors of life and makes the music out of tune. Learn to let go, learn to let be, and learn to trust what is and what is not.



  1. I find that if you are with negative people you eventually get that way.
    Personally my life changed when that happened with me. Sometimes I feel like I am treading the waters looking for a way out of it and back to my positive self.


  2. Boundaries are necessary. The fact that they are difficult to enforce, especially with loved ones, only shows how important it is to refuse to sink in the negativity.
    I choose to be happy. That’s the place I start from every single morning…and it takes practice, a lot of practice and determination.


  3. I have a partner who is negative most of the times. I’ve lost myself. I used to be the one who made others sick with my optimistic and positive point of view.
    How do you do it BobbieZen​ ?
    It’s like I’ve been over powered.


  4. I’m fortunate that I have a most positive partner and he helps me overcome it Mary J B Here​​. It is extended family and friends who can drag me down, if I let them and I blame that on being an empathetic, caring person.. which carries with it a lot of misguided responsibility for others. I do it by reminding myself every single day that if I don’t take care of myself first, I can’t help take care of others. It has to be practiced daily and become habit.
    It isn’t easy but it’s always worth it.


  5. Mary J B Here My first husband was very negative. After 20 years with him I looked toward the next 20. 

    I left him, and I’ve never regretted it. I wish I’d realized how damaging his attitude would be when I first met him. I think I thought I could save him. I was young and wanted someone to love me.


  6. Pessimism – being prematurely disappointed in the future.

    Neural pathways that are used frequently are more nimble and become reenforced. A physical mechanism that can pronounce perception.
    People who have a negative outlook have wired themselves that way over time.

    Seek and ye shall find.
    If we look for a reason to be upset, mistrustful or afraid – you won’t have to look far.
    Reasons to be grateful, hopeful and positive are all laying right there as well.
    What is it you want to find?

    The moral is perspective. Be careful with it. It colors your entire life.


  7. Very well put, David Andrews .  
    I like bright colors, and my music finely tuned…and if it takes effort on my part to keep it that way, then that’s what it takes, and I’ll gladly put in the time to retrain the brain. 🙂


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