1. I’ve felt that way for some time, Terence Towles Canote …ever since Elvis Presley in 1977..(no kidding, I have all the newspaper clippings, still)…then John Lennon my first winter at college…Bob Marley the year after, Marvin Gayle in the mid 80’s, Stevie Ray Vaughn in 1990, Eva Cassidy in ’96, Dan Fogelberg,  Warren Zevon in ’03…the list goes on and on…gotta keep bracing ourselves for the next big fall.  They help prepare us for what comes next….way pavers. Enjoy Every Sandwich


  2. BobbieZen John Lennon was the first to really hit me hard. I still remember it well. I was home with the flu, but somehow I doubt I would have gone to school anyway. I spent the day crying and listening to Beatles and John Lennon songs. Since then there have been so many others. George Harrison, John Entwistle, Davy Jones…


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