I am so excited!!! Tomorrow at noon I will be seeing my dear friend, Meg, whom I haven’t laid eyes on since 1983.

I am so excited!!! Tomorrow at noon I will be seeing my dear friend, Meg, whom I haven’t laid eyes on since 1983.
We were inseparable our first year of college from 1980 through 81 and then she moved on to a different school upstate. We remained close, visiting each other often… but when, on her way back home from a visit to EIU, she was involved in a near fatal accident that left her with serious brain injury affecting her memory and her personality, it became more difficult to communicate with each other. She was in therapy and recovery for years to follow… and while we stayed in touch via Christmas card and occasional letter we eventually lost touch in 1989…
I just discovered that we’ve been living less than 15 miles from each other for the past 22 years.
And tomorrow we’ll be face to face once again.
I am absolutely giddy with excitement!

I love the Internet. 🙂

~Photo taken December 6, 1980 at the Algadel Ball, Effingham, Illinois.


  1. I have been extremely fortunate in that every best friend I’ve ever had, I have remained in touch with, Mary J B Here​… Meg is the last of my missing pieces to the puzzle.
    I’m just so happy to find her again.


  2. That’s so cool! I had a really close friend, Mark Davies that was in a motorcyle accident and after due to his brain injuries it was difficult to maintain our friendship. You have inspired me to seek him out tonight. =)


  3. U GUISE  We talked NON STOP for 4 hours straight….never even ordered lunch we were so busy talking.  35 years have passed and we picked up just like it was yesterday.
    We’ve vowed never to lose touch again.
    Life Is Good. ❤  Gonna post a Now pic, (Gif, actually) under "About Me" Collection shortly.  
    😀 Thanks for your well wishes and your interest in rekindling old friendships!


  4. 🙂 Thank you Alvin Stearns ….there were hugs, lots of hand holding, there was boisterous laughter,  whispers when we talked about secrets, tears when we discussed our parents, and our children, joy when we shared our accomplishments and understanding when we shared our fears and our sorrows.
    I couldn’t have asked for a better day.  Really.


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