1. Greg Zurcher Red means dangerous conditions. Yellow means Bruce Shark​ just peed nearby.
    (Actually yellow means less-dangerous ‘rough, but not life threatening’ conditions).


  2. As Stephen L​ said, it means things have calmed down here considerably after days of stormy, red flag, dangerous tides, rip currents, complete with a lost swimmer here Tuesday morning… Yellow flag is a step down from the treacherous conditions and I’m grateful that the seas are calmer Greg Zurcher​.


  3. All this beach talk, weather talk and the loss of a swimmer leads me to believe that you are not far from me BobbieZen.
    Could this be true?
    I’ve been ill and out of the loop.
    I haven’t seen you mention it here and I didn’t want to call it out


  4. I’m sorry we didn’t get a chance to get together. Maybe somewhere down the road BobbieZen. Have a safe trip home and a blessed New Year. I figured Narvarre, recognized the landscape.


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