Search and Rescue

Search and Rescue

I awoke this morning to the sounds of low flying airplanes, and boat engines…little did I know what was happening right outside our back door here in Florida’s “Best Kept Secret”, Navarre Beach.
Sometime after 3:30 a.m., a young couple staying a few doors down went for an early morning swim. He never returned.
Emergency responders were dispatched to our little slice of the Gulf before dawn, and all day there have been boats, planes, helicopters, 4 wheelers, Navarre C.E.R.T.volunteers, U.S. Coast Guard, Police, and Fire searching, combing beaches, watching for any signs of the 28 year old male.
Red Flag warnings have been in effect since our arrival, indicating rough waters, high surf and strong rip currents. Still, we often fail to heed warnings…Just last week, on Christmas Eve an 51 year old experienced Stand Up Paddle Board Surfer was lost to rough surf…only to have his body recovered yesterday, washed up on Okaloosa Island 3 days later.
I’m reminded to appreciate the moments. I’m reminded to be grateful for every breath. I’m reminded to withhold harsh judgement. I’m reminded that we are all guilty of bad judgement at times. I’m reminded some of us are luckier than others. I’m reminded there’s a family out there holding a prayer vigil, just steps away from the Gulf’s longest pier.
I’m reminded, once again, that Life is Short.
Be Good to each other. ❤


  1. That is sad BobbieZen.  Here in our area the water (ocean) is not generally safe but people ignore the signs & often pay with loosing their life.  It is a good reminder that the signs are there for our safety & that life is to be cherished & appreciated.  Enjoy the rest of your stay.


  2. We’ve had rip current and high surf warnings the last few days down here in Venice too. I hope they find that young man. Yes, life is short and we should all hug each other a bit closer just because we can. 🙂


  3. He has been id’d, Christopher Beal of nearby Crestview.
    “Chris had just finished his masters degree. He was a handsome and very well liked young man. He was in Navarre beach serving as his best friends bestman…this was a very special day that ended in tragedy.”


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