1. Interesting! I have been getting a small flurry of would-be followers, lately. When I check their page, which I always do first, I quickly realize that they are no one I would want to follow anyway. I do not follow them back. This latest outbreak of random-attempted-follows started about a week and a half ago. Creepy! o_O


  2. It doesn’t help that the New and Improved GPloos will not let you actually click on and see profile pictures. I don’t know if this is the same on both desktop or just mobile, but its annoying. Just like posts, photos are a good way to determine if someone is legit or active.

    They have dumbed down the interface to where its lacking any real substance and control… FWIW, which is exactly nothing.


  3. True, L-Renaud T. Drev​. I take it back. I’m with Mr. Firestone​and David Calderon​ here…the changes have created a very different atmosphere than what we originally experience on this space. I like to know who the people I’m talking to are.


  4. Tony Stewart​, I don’t want to zoom thumbnails… I would prefer google actually return to seeing the actual profile images (and requiring them). As well as photo albums. I have over 50,000 photos on google which are now one big mess of irrelevant tags that can’t be accessed or properly shared from the limbo which is google photos.


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