If you know anything About Me, and you’ve been here with me since Day 1, 2011, you might know that Google Plus, and…

If you know anything About Me, and you’ve been here with me since Day 1, 2011, you might know that Google Plus, and specifically Hangouts were a huge draw for me, because it allowed me to talk to and communicate Face to Face with my Daddy, who lived 1000 miles away.
It’s been over two years now since he’s passed…but he’s never far away in my thoughts. Tonight I received a message from one of his best friends, the man in this photo, Mel. I snapped this pic at Daddy’s funeral two years ago…The message I got tonight read:

“Many years ago. Andy was off Thanksgiving. He planned a dinner for those of us that had to work. When we got a break, several of us took off to his apt. The place was smokey. He had burned everything. Including the turkey. He told us, the only way that Andy could, “there is hotdogs on the table if anyone is hungry.”  All had a big laugh at him…Fond memories keep us going. Also the cats and other critters had a good thanksgiving from the dumpster at his complex.. they wanted him to adopt them”…

After wiping away some tears, and smiling at the memories of my Daddy’s burnt holiday offering, I responded.
Thank you for telling me that story Mel… I have been thinking of him and he has been heavy on my mind these past few days. These little glimpses of him really help me move along… I Love you.

I don’t care what anyone tells you. We never, ever, “get over” the passing of our loved ones. We adjust. We adapt. We learn to live without. But we always remember, and today, I am grateful for people who help me remember…and for glimpses into the guy he was, beyond the family obligations he chose to accept.

My Daddy was a Good Guy. He loved his friends…and, Bless his heart, he took care of them the best he could…even if that meant you only got hotdogs for Thanksgiving dinner.

Happy Turkey Day, my Friends.
Please remember…Life is short, Be Good to one another.


  1. So true BobbieZen. It doesn’t matter how many years go by, these people of our heart do not grow dim. My dad died in 2005, and I’m grateful he was my dad every single day. Have a memorable Thanksgiving 🙂


  2. I know i have been scarce here. And wow. Two years? Where has the time gone. And you are correct. There is no “getting over” the loss. We just carry it better with time… some days better than others.


  3. now that’s what I call ‘style’.  there is nothing more treasured than the ability to laugh at one’s self.  those who can’t, don’t ger it.  those that can laugh all the way to the grave.

    hugs, my friend.


  4. Funny how, often, the things that find their way into the memory bank, tagged with ‘fond’, are the times when things didn’t go as planned but we made the most of it anyway. Your daddy had quality friends, Bobbie, the hallmark of a good person.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you all y’all.


  5. I sit here with tears, happy for you but also marveling at the generosity of his spirit. He made a difference in the lives of others, not because he was perfect, but because he cared, he was willing to give.

    Over and over you make me so grateful that our paths have crossed. Happy Thanksgiving!


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