Some people.  They just get to you.

Some people.  They just get to you.
This one in particular has been in and out and back in and back out and then back in my circle of trust like no other. He knows why.  I know why.  That’s all that matters.  

I first stumbled into Ben Zaitz​​​​​​  during a late night public Hangout back in the spring of 2012 with himself, Angie Person​​​​​​ , Mitchell Stauber​​​​​​ , and a few other wild and crazy geeps and my life has yet to be the same since.
I blame Tequila.
It’s forever known as the #WhiteNightieNight hangout, because reasons. I was in St. Augustine on a girls vacation and left unsupervised, and that’s all I’ll say about that. 😉

He can aggravate the hell out of me and then he can make me smile and laugh and pull me out of a funk quicker than his lightning fast and mostly inappropriate wit. 🙂  For that, I’ve given him a pass…because you learn, that accepting people just as they are, is the only way to truly appreciate them.  My Mama will most likely threaten to give him a “Whoopin'” again on Flakebook because she’s yet to figure him out.  
Thanks to his sweet and lovely wife, Annabelle, for putting up with my nickname for her and for putting up with him the rest of the time he’s not here on Ploos entertaining the rest of us. Annemarie Zaitz​​​​​​ , you are an ANGEL. 🙂  Thanks for sharing your girls with us as we enjoy watching them grow up.
And, Betsy Zaitz​​​​​​ , WELCOME to the FamDamily…  Bite him if he gets out of hand, ok?  Woof!

Ben Zaitz​​​​​​ , until we HIRL again, Kind SSir. 
Thanks for the giggles. I needed that. 🙂


  1. It was so fun spending time with you and getting to know you and your beautiful wife, Khawar Syed ! 
    And yeah…electric is one word for him. 😉

    and I’m pretty sure it was April. lol


  2. Well, we didn’t HIRL in the Poogletarium, like out in California…but it was a delightful evening with the Chicago peeps who showed up, too, Pam Adger .
    You know me…I’m all about second, and third, and 4th chances. 😉


  3. BobbieZen you’re right, April, not July. Khawar Syed​ ffs get yo months straight!

    Also *late night and I’m glad I know ya BobbieZen​. i did nazi that coming​ re this post. 🙂


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