She blocks a lot of people…for reasons I can’t begin to explain.

She blocks a lot of people…for reasons I can’t begin to explain.
Don’t let it worry you…it’s probably as simple as her blocking you by association with someone she’s had issues with.
She had me blocked for a while, even. It Happens.

Also, what was that question you were wanting to ask me? Nate Dwgs


  1. I don’t mind giving you some advice but I would never accept payment from someone I know as a friend.
    My specialty is pain management and spinal related pain and nerve pain, so this is a little out of my expertise.
    Endocrine disorders, estrogen and progesterone in women; testosterone in men; are common and can also fluctuateg wildly depending on stress factors.
    Situational depression can occur due to stress or from a hormone imbalance…
    I know all about this because I take armour thyroid for low thyroid and use bioidentical hormone creams myself to replace what was surgically removed.
    If he’s offering supplements, I would give those a try… if he’s offering you something that is a prescription I would definitely seek a second medical opinion from a trusted physician.
    What area are you in?? maybe I can use some of my professional contacts to suggest another doctor in your area.


  2. Hi Nate.  Did some asking around.  I can’t give a recommendation for a good Doc in Boise, can’t find anyone who can help with that, but I suggest you find an Endocrinologist who might be able to better assess your numbers and the treatment plans available to you.  If you aren’t comfortable with your current Primary Care Physician, ask around and find one that you trust.  Having a doctor you can talk to and who explains things is KEY to getting the proper treatment.

    Low T does indeed carry a risk for fatigue, depression, brain fog….so if that’s concerning, I urge you to go have it checked. you want to be sure there are no other underlying causes.
    Wishing you the best of luck.  Please keep me posted, and TAKE GOOD CARE.


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