Do something good.

Do something good.
That is the only weapon we have against the madness of hatred.  

The tears
in vain
if we have not done something good

to show we belong to humanity
and get to write its story

and that story is about love more than hate
and courage more than fear
and giving more than destroying

Do something good
because goodness is a  weapon
goodness is our only weapon

we are simple people
writing our history
on cave walls

and I would like to write that …
  we loved
and we mourned
and we did something good

when our humanity  was stolen 
we did something good
for someone
for anyone 
and stole it back
and claimed  it
and claimed

we are good



  1. The French secret service failed. It is clear that France requires more field agents. And a total monitoring of the activities of all the Arab groups in France.
    What happened is desperate acts of the Islamic State. For the E.I. is losing the war in Syria. The Russians are attacking efficiently terrorists from northwestern Syria, and from the south, the Kurds, backed by US advisers were able to regain a major city controlled by terrorists.
    It is disturbing the ease with which many young people are seduced disturbed by the messages of terrorists on the Internet.


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