Some bridges are falling down

Some bridges are falling down,
Some bridges are still around.
~Jackson Browne

I got a text from one of my oldest and dearest friends this morning… it read, “Heard Take It To The Limit on my way to work. I automatically think of you when I hear that for whatever reason. Hope you have a fabulous Friday! I love you!!!”

Today I am grateful for enduring friendships, connections that are as strong as steel, bonds that have spanned across decades and weathered the tests of time.

Whether you’re in the midst of building bridges, crossing bridges, or burning them down, I hope you stop to appreciate those people in your life who’ve helped carry you over lifes rough waters back to solid ground.

Have a great weekend Geeps.


Photo taken November 7th 2015
Sturgeon Bay Bridge Wisconsin



  1. Well, thanks to my good night message I woke up happy, thanks to you & the dood Cilla C​… and to be greeted with a lovely good morning message, I’m reminded of wat truly matters.


  2. Other than being on 95 I haven’t had the opportunity to see the bridges in Jacksonville.  I’ll have to explore online or the next time down. 
    What is it that fascinates us?   I love the old silver bridges best, not these concrete bridges of today unless they have the neat expansive cables like the one in DE does.


  3. I remember watching some of them being built as a child and they’ve just always fascinated me. One of these days I want to get out to San Francisco to see and take photos of the Golden Gate…. that’s on my bucket list!


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