Although our annual DC meetings have now moved to other areas of the country, last year Orlando, the year prior New…

Although our annual DC meetings have now moved to other areas of the country, last year Orlando, the year prior New Orleans, I’m still very active in our professional organization and plan to stay that way well into retirement.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to participate in helping others find access to quality care.

#TBT   #ThrowbackThursday
2012 – D.C.  Me and Doc

For the past 15 years Doc and I have gone with other local Illinois Pain Management Physicians (ISIPP), of which Dr. Jim is the current President, and our National organization, The American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians, of which I am a lifetime member, to advocate for our patients, and our sub-specialty.
ASIPP’s PAC is recognized by members of Congress and the Administration as one of the most involved and influential medical political action committees. Each year at our Annual Meeting, held in Washington, DC, we take healthcare issues directly to our elected officials. These Capitol Hill visits are preceded by a Legislative Session featuring preparatory sessions and an array of distinguished Congressional speakers.
Our Mission: To promote the development and practice of safe, high quality, cost-effective interventional pain management techniques for the diagnosis and treatment of pain and related disorders, and to ensure patient access to these interventions

Needless to say, it’s been a most frustrating, and at the same time, rewarding experience which I am grateful to have been a part of.

We’ll keep on doing what we do best…and right now, that means back to work, taking care of our patients.


  1. I don’t mind the database tracking my docs and who prescribes what. I don’t mind peeing in a cup to make sure the meds are in my system. But making me bring my pills in to count them like I’m a fucking four year old is a bit much.


  2. Our practice doesn’t believe in pill counts.
    We don’t intend to micromanage any of our patients. We only try to oversee their well being and assure they are within the limits of the law and our mutual agreement.
    Unfortunately, the few who abuse the system make it difficult for those who truly need it.


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