Today, I’m grateful for my daughter, who’s grown to be an independent, strong, responsible and caring young woman, who posesses an eclectic, creative, nostalgic old soul….and I’m grateful for that doggie, Rhiannon, who brings her so much happiness.

her newly acquired hutch and her vintage kitchen collections


  1. My daughter collects vintage wares as well. I handed down mine to her, she grew up using those bowls etc and her girls are growing up using them. I’m always on the lookout for more, I gave most of mine away when the kids were younger.


  2. Dawn M Molitor​, I have my grandmother’s McCoy and her China and a few pieces of kitchen tole painting that my mom made in the 70’s. I guess there are just certain things that remind us of the kitchens we were raised in… and it feels like home. 🙂


  3. Katherine Bond​, she’s done quite a bit of research and bought books about the old patterns, and is often online learning how to make her displays.
    Pretty cool hobby for a 25 year old these days, imho.
    Plus it’s really fun going over to cook at her house because not only does she display these she actually uses them on a daily basis. Nothing ever sees the dishwasher though.. she gently cleans them by hand.


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