1. I’m an avid, voracious reader. If there was nothing else I loved about the internet I’d love it for bringing me paperbackswap and abebooks but that changed about a year ago when I bought a Nexus 7 (refurbished, 2012), Android tablet. For years my average cost per paperback book was around $2. Shortly after getting the tablet, between the Gutenberg Project, Kindle, Nook and Kobo I had accumulated thousands of unread books for an average cost of under $.05 and that includes the cost of the tablet itself. I still buy a few books a month, when I discover an author I like or when I read the first book in a series (which I got for free) and decide to try the next book in the series but my monthly investment in books has gone from a minimum of $30 per month (spend on used paperbacks) to a maximum of $5 per month spent on ebooks. I have at least a thousand unread paperbacks languishing on a shelf in the storeroom that I’ll only ever touch if my Android tablet fails. #nevergoingback


  2. Good to know the technology has helped make reading and collecting more affordable….I use both, Don Crowder , but just can’t quite replace the feel and smell of those paper pages. 🙂


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