1. Morning.  Having a breakfast burrito while I check the emails that came in overnight and the upcoming meetings I have for the day.  Time to put out some IT fires and make others happy.  🙂


  2. Your hair is getting long! And that beautiful smile…

    Today I am working and it’s raining. I’m still harboring a dood buzz from the weekend so I’ve been grinning a lot.


  3. I’m hoping it gets about 3 inches longer, Cilla C …it seems to want to stop growing at a certain point, though.
    🙂 Must be all that dye conditioner I put it through. lol
    Dood Grins….that’s a nice look on you, Lady.


  4. I got to go to the DMV to renew my drivers license, take the written test, etc.!  So glad that is over & best of all I passed!!  There is always, at least for me, that fear of what if I don’t pass????


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