1. BobbieZen I could when I was a teen. Was in school choir my freshman and sophomore years. They had to put me in the first chair because I screwed everyone up. I sang more alto then tenor. A senior used to hit me all the time because I said I was singing the wrong notes. I wasn’t, I was just an octave or so higher than everyone else. Choir director moved me to first chair and told me to sing all I wanted.  My sophomore year, I had better control and range and sang baritone. I could sing to Pat Benatar and Freddie Mercury, too.


  2. BobbieZen Not so much anymore. Probably only have a single octave range now and nowhere near the lung capacity. If I can “tune” into a song, I can usually match pitch and voice. I always wrote and focus on that now.


  3. Oh to have those young voices back…I sang in choirs as a kid, and I sing in the shower and my car now. lol
    But those young, fresh, non-scratchy voices were wonderful, weren’t they?


  4. My mama likes to tell the story of how I sang Zippidy Doo Dah in the car after seeing Song of the South at the movies when I was 4…all the way from Valdosta, Georgia to Houston, Texas.
    Maybe I wore my voice out then? 


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