TRIGGER WARNING: During a discussion earlier today, someone posted this meme, I suppose in an effort to make light of the perpetual outrage and offense that permeates our culture. But I think, instead, this heartless and callous individual only demonstrated the need for the PC police.

You might think it’s fun to joke about this potato, but do you consider how this image might trigger someone, like myself, with Irish ancestry, because it reminds us of the potato famine?  Meanwhile, people from Idaho are likely offended because this image appropriates their culture and makes a mockery of it.

It might be a big laugh to you, but remember that this potato is also a visual image, which is certain to make the visually impaired feel excluded. Not to mention that a potato is a spherical, three dimensional object. If you stopped to think for one second you might see how this could otherize those who struggle with depth perception and those who are geometrically challenged.

This says nothing of the trauma it will surely impose on the starch intolerant community. Obviously — but I’m sure you all knew this — potatoes are originally indigenous to the Andes mountain region, so this picture could quite easily cause emotional stress to the peoples of that area who feel they don’t get enough credit for cultivating the potato for so many centuries before privileged white Americans stole it.

So, yeah, have your laugh, you bigots. But think about what kind of harm a provocative photo like this might do to all of these groups.

As you can clearly see, everything truly is offensive and everyone’s feeling are hurt, so stop saying things, thinking things, or otherwise communicating thoughts of any kind to anyone. It’s the only way to make sure everyone is safe.

Shamelessly stolen from the Book of Flake


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