Ten Ways to Good Health

Ten Ways to Good Health

Less Alcohol, More Tea
Less Meat, More Vegetables
Less Salt, More Vinegar
Less Sugar, More Fruit
Less Eating, More Chewing
Less Words, More Action
Less Greed, More Giving
Less Worry, More Sleep
Less Driving, More Walking
Less Anger, More Laughter


  1. It’s one of my absolute favorites of my two oldest friends and me Cilla C​. We spent the morning chatting with each other talking about some successes and some failures and some health related issues and we ended it with a bunch of laughter and love… hence this post. ♡


  2. Well I for one had some beer and bacon fat last night Martin Conterez​ and I’m not sure what it did for my health…. but it sure as heck made me happy for a while. 😀


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