Some Shenanigans were brewing last night when Ben Zaitz​ came to town.

Some Shenanigans were brewing last night when Ben Zaitz​ came to town.
Good times with old & new fronds, Lisa Davenport​, Crystal Black​, Keith Humphrey​, Beenish Syed​, Khawar Syed​
🙂 Thanks U guise for all the smiles!


  1. I am so glad to see these smiling faces all together in one place! Isn’t this just the most amazing thing? And to think most of us never would have known each other without the ploos! I don’t care what the articles say, we are all very much “alive” and here’s your proof! So much awesome under one roof! (Also, did you call Crystal Black “+Black” the whole night?)


  2. Lol, so true Di Cleverly. I’ve been fortunate to meet up IRL with many plussers, most a real treasure…there’s still quite a few I’d love to spend time with face to face, you being tops on that list!
    Let’s make it happen soon! 🙂


  3. Super Dave had planned to come but as you know he ended up working on plumbing issues with baby girl…. Doc was a good sport and hirled in DC with the masses… next time I’ll bring either/or maybe even both of them. I’ve got good company surrounding me in my real life. 🙂
    Ben Zaitz​​


  4. I very much enjoyed talking to you, Keith Humphrey​! Actually thought of you this morning when I was taking my d3 b12 and B complex. 🙂
    Looking forward to checking out your band!


  5. BobbieZen​ It was a pleasure meeting you and also Ben Zaitz​, Crystal Black​, Keith Humphrey​, and Lisa Davenport​. We had a great time and looking forward to meet again soon! 🙂


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