1. I stopped doing it this way about 4 years ago. If it’s been sitting quietly in a corner or in a box for more than a year, then I either don’t want it or don’t need it. If the box isn’t labeled with specific contents listed on the outside, I carry it straight to the curb. I only keep family pictures now.

    Shoes and clothes too, if I haven’t worn them in the last year, out. I like to keep things real simple. And, then when the closet gets real thin, I have to go shopping. And I hate shopping.

    Sorry Doober, not where you were going with this, I’m sure.


  2. 🙂 I’m good at purging and getting rid of most things Heather Manfredi​​​…but not letters, not photos, and it appears I may have an addiction to old China. 🙂

    So I’ll start at organizing and wind up scanning a hundred photos and making a family music video.. lol… I’ll get it done, it just takes me a while.


  3. Lol… I get rid of things so quick it would make your head spin. Kelly’s the same way. Neither one of us likes clutter. Photos are different though…that’s where this applies for me and why my personal photos are still unorganized.


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