Not all YouTube comments are ridiculous.

Not all YouTube comments are ridiculous.  
Well said, Quincy.  
There is so much symbolism in this song it hurts. This “burning room” he mentions could be a relationship coming to ruin. And these two hopeless people “slow dancing” are each and every one of us in doomed relationships. The fact that they’re slow dancing could indicate their hopeless indulgence in the inevitable. The fact is, these two dancers are so invested in each other, they hardly see the room crashing before their very eyes. The blind indulgence, if you will, of relationships allows us to look past the burning rooms of our own lives. And he mentions the very humanity of it; “Don’t you think we oughta know by now?”  Like why haven’t any of us learned yet. “This is the deep and dying breath…”. It’s so relatable it makes you wonder if John Mayer has been in love before (of course he has).


  1. This reminded me of a long forgotten favorite:

    There’s a hotel in Paris where the windows look out to sea.
    So many people stay there, some dead and some like me.
    I saw Chet Baker’s name on the wall of the restaurant,
    and Timothy Leary carved on the window in 503.
    It’s not in Algeria, and it’s midnight on the Midnight Express.
    It’s all part of the evolution , babe – slow bombing the world.


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