I originally wrote this the day before my Daddy passed.  He’s heavy on my mind again today, but I’m remembering the…

I originally wrote this the day before my Daddy passed.  He’s heavy on my mind again today, but I’m remembering the happy times, and not the sad.
Life is Short.  Be Good to each other. ❤

That’s my Daddy

Back in 1986, when I lost my mind and married Mr. Right Now….I thought my Daddy, and my Dad, you read that right…would both walk me down the aisle.  They didn’t want to do that. They each said I needed to Choose.
So, I did.  I chose to have my younger brother help me make that fateful stroll down red-carpet lane.  And, even though I didn’t heed his gentle advice, when he asked me, “Are you SURE, you don’t want to turn around and we can both walk that way,??”  meaning…out the front doors of the church to freedom…. I did what I thought I must, and my brother helped me get there.  Because of that decision,  I learned much about men, relationships, myself, life, love, family, and what it means to have everyone stand beside you, even when you’re ‘doing it wrong’.
Point Being, I’m a very lucky girl.  They stood beside me and allowed me to make my own mistakes, and I’m all the better for it.

Daddy is heavy on my mind tonight, and I’m wishing I could plant a kiss like this on his forehead….and I hope to do so in 8 short days.

Thank you, Robert Anderson , for filling in, all those times, when I needed you.  ❤  Family Matters.  Even weird, non-traditional ones, like ours.

Love, BDA xoxo


  1. Damnit’all. BobbieZen​ I need a kleenex refill now. Your words are so poignantly sweet and there is power in them and experience that makes a girl a woman. I freakin love your heart. xo


  2. Always, J Thomas Horton 
    Thank you. ❤ Martin Conterez 
    I love yours, too Cilla C .  Totally. ❤
    Indeed, Terence Towles Canote .  I'm glad I had those experiences for a multitude of reasons.


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