1. that’s the way it happens.  =]

    I said “I want to be more like that, but I have no idea how”.  so I set out to learn  how.

    and I’ve never regretted it.  it’s hard work, but the difference… oh, the difference.  to carry peace with me, and to be happy and content all the time.  sigh.  what a difference.

    all from one day saying “I don’t want to feel this way anymore”.

    Namaste, my friend.


  2. Lady Deidre HufflePillowFightStarter​ YOU are a hoot!

    BobbieZen​ I’ve been thinking about you and suspecting there’s a bunch of change going on behind the scenes and considering what parts I might be helpful with. But a family dinner conversation that ranged from Spring Break rules for behavior, to leadership styles with relationship to ego and emotion, to the relationship between confidence and joke telling, to the meaning of “prolix,” to a recent article in The Atlantic about Jews in Europe, to religious upbringing, to mindfulness, and to Mickey Singer (it was one of the better conversations lately) was followed by me searching for links to some conversational references to send to the youngest. During the course of that rabbit trail, I realized that there is a plusser that you might like to circle: 

    Leo Babauta​.  Here’s his story: http://zenhabits.net/my-story/

    I’ve been reading his blog, Zen Habits, for many years and he has a very easy, friendly, accommodating, and flexible approach to improvement. I find myself agreeing with him a lot. He’s also got programs for changing/creating habits a month at a time that seem promising.


  3. My story. Tomorrow I “graduate” from an intense six week, three three hour sessions after work every week, treatment program. Haven’t felt this good and positive in a long time. Was straight for years, then a one year stumble. But I’m back. Change can be extraordinarily good.


  4. Bill Abrams​ oh, to be a fly on the wall at your house…. so much life and learning going on there. 🙂 funny you should mention Leo I actually stumbled upon his blog again yesterday after visiting the About Me page of another friend who linked to him… I had had him circled a couple of account resets ago, so I’m happy to have discovered him again and with your endorsement it’s even more meaningful.


  5. Thank you, Bobbie Z. Zen is a big part of it, you know. Mindfulness. As in … the most important thing I’ve got going is that, at this moment, I’m content. And grateful – for a blessed life, wonderful family and the best friends …


  6. BobbieZen That was not an ordinary conversation, just one I didn’t want to end. Also interesting to learn what qualities (good and bad) the youngest attributes to her respective parents.

    One of the things that I find so appealing about Leo’s blog is its look. If I had a blog, I think I would start with his as a model for its layout.


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