My daughter: the Hedgehog Advocate

My daughter: the Hedgehog Advocate

My baby girl has put an offer on a condominium which has been accepted… if all goes as planned she’ll be moving into her own place in March right after her 25th birthday.

She called yesterday nearly in tears after learning that hedgehogs are not on the approved pet list, so now she’s forced to begin an appeal with the homeowners association.

I think she stated her case pretty well. And now we await Luna Bella’s acceptance. Bless her little hedgehog heart.

Thank you for responding so quickly, I really do appreciate it. I am excited about moving into this condo and I am more than happy to provide photos and size information as well as any other information you may need. I understand what you are saying about not changing the rules, but a hedgehog is just like owning a hamster or gerbil which are on the current approved list, the only difference I see is that gerbils and hamsters are part of the rodent family and a hedgehog is not. This means they do not chew things and they are not as skittish of animals. My hedgehog always would rather cuddle with me than run around like gerbils and hamsters do. My hedgehog is registered from the breeder I purchased her from and I can provide those documents if need be. They do not get over 500 grams in weight, but my hedgehog is around 300 grams and is likely she will not grow anymore as she is nearing her mature age. She fits in the palm of my hand and I am a petite person. She is healthy and is kept in a cage which is a small sterilite bin and is kept indoors. I do not use heat lamps for her cage or anything which would impose a fire hazard. They do not make noise like most pets do or cause any home damage like most pets can. I want to also add I am buying a unit, not renting. I will attach photos below for you. This is my second time owning a hegehog so I am experienced with them and know that her presence in the building will not be even noticed by my neighbors. If you have any other questions please feel free to contact me.

Jessica Today


  1. I sure hope so David Thiery​.
    The coolest part about the condos she’s moving into, is that it’s the same place where we moved to when I married SuperDave 20 years ago. 🙂


  2. These are probably the only pocket pets I would make an allowance for as patients. ijs

    I’ve worked on 2, and I wouldn’t work on sugar gliders, chinchillas, prairie dogs, bearded dragons, geckos, ferrets, rats, or, skunks again.

    Rabbits and maybe a hedgehog. Nice critters.


  3. If we need further help Dr. Manfredi, I may just ask you for a letter of recommendation.
    And yes Jessica’s first exotic pet was a chinchilla named Leeloo who was a total spaz… when Leeloo went to live with another family of chinchilas we got our first hedgehog, Spiny Norma Jean. Big difference.


  4. She’s got smarts real good.
    Takes after her mama, only much tougher Angie Person​.

    She’s also informed me that if they don’t make hedgehogs an acceptable pet “they can eat her shorts and Luna Bella will be moving in either way”


  5. They took 3 days to respond to her initial inquiry, then, when they did, said, 
    We’re not prone to changing the rules because it opens the door for further changes…. blah blah blah.
    BabyGirl did her best to edumacate the “we’ve always done it this way’s.”


  6. Considering the unit is at the same place I brought her to, at 4 years old, and she feels a passionate need to return to at 25, I’m gonna suppose baby girl doesn’t give one flip about dissenting views, and she’ll do exactly as she sees fit.


  7. The reference to gerbils and hamsters was nicely and persuasively supported by factual comparisons. Other things that might be persuasive: if she could find a list from another HOA that did include hedgehogs. Or if she could bring up times when the HOA rules were amended before (not necessarily for animals) and it didn’t lead to a slippery slope of exceptions.
    Maybe link to a video of a hedgehog with children in case the people making the decision have no clue what the animal is.

    If this doesn’t work, maybe she could bring someone else with “their” hedgehog to the next HOA meeting and pass it around for Oooing and Awwing. Then request the exception or amendment again.


  8. I’m guessing (without any evidence) that at least half the people you ask to describe a hedge hog would not be able to. And there is that fear of the unknown thing that will result in clinging to rules to keep from saying you are ignorant or afraid.


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