So, it snowed today, a lot…

So, it snowed today, a lot…
and my baby girl put an offer on a Condo, at the same place where she and I came to live with SuperDave just 21 years ago …
and I made a snowman & a snow angel zombie,
and I cooked my famous chili,…
and as I’ve done every year since 2008, I watched Tom Petty’s stellar, classy, rockin’, epic HalfTime show to remind me what a heart throbbing halftime show could & IMHO should be like.
And I didn’t care about football, so instead, I watched The Judge, with the phenomenal Robert DuVall and the ever surprisingly talented and dreamy Robert Downey, Jr. , and it was both a fine piece of cinema and a difficult one to watch because of too many familiar scenes.
But, I stuck it out, and I rewound some places, and I laughed and I cried and I’m glad I did, because, after all is said and done,
Life is beautiful…the messy, the scary, the stressful, the hopeful, the memorable, the mundane, the surprising lot of it. B-E-A-U-Tiful.


  1. We had just enough snow this morning just to make things look ugly. And it was a wet, slushy snow too. It looks like it has snowed more this evening, though, and it looks like we might get something substantial if it keeps up.


  2. The plows have left a mess for everyone to clear up at the edge of their driveways and the ride in is fraught with blowing snow and drifts so my Ford Mustang Scarlett Candy Metallica and I are staying home today. 🙂
    The stuff is definitely pretty but it’s no fun to drive in… I can sit here on pins and needles wondering about the kid’s home owning possibilities and work from home just as well as I can out there slipslidding around.
    I hope you guys all have a great day! 🙂


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