Just found this in my ‘stories’.

Just found this in my ‘stories’. 
Good reminder of a fun and relaxing summer vacation.
Have a great weekend everyone!  Logging off to chillax with the famdamily.  😀



  1. 🙂 I’m glad I found it, and I’m glad you liked it.
    We’re ready to go back again.  Surprisingly enough, this born and raised Florida girl wants to retire in the U.P. I love it up there.


  2. BobbieZen great choice. I was born and raised in Mi.
    I’m living mostly in fl now. Michigan is a wonderful place to retire. I miss the changing of the seasons. If you head back that way please give me the heads up. I still spend a lot of time there.


  3. Ricky B  a lot of the towns up north are named after German towns…Berlin, (which the locals pronounce BURRlyn, 😉 Rhinelander, the list goes on and on…large population of German settlers.


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