So, one good thing about account resets, is this… I can now ‘re-share’ old photos I’d posted, and suddenly, they’re new again.  
I’m like that old lady who finds a forgotten piece of tarnished silver in the sideboard, brings it out, polishes it, wraps it, and re-gifts it.   It may be appreciated, or it may be called out for being recycled…that all depends upon the receiver.  Anyway, this was a touching moment, and one I was glad to capture and share once upon a time.

From April 5, 2014…
I spent some time today listening to old men share their stories, their heartaches, their accomplishments. Real life talk. Tempered with kindness and mutual respect. It was a beautiful thing.

Life is Short. Be Good to Each Other.


  1. Regifting for the win!

    We have dinner guests.  They often bring wine.

    We don’t drink much wine.

    We get invited out – the only thing we need is a bag to carry the wine.

    A year later or so, we get the same wine again, I believe.  I think next time I do this I’m going to make a distinguishing mark on the bottle.  You know, for science.



  2. Excellent metaphor, Bill Abrams or…is that a simile? or an analogy?  or a simple comparison?  You do an exceptional job at picture painting. 🙂
    Either way, I enjoyed that read, and can relate in many ways.


  3. It’s  . . . whatever. I think I attempted humorous commentary with a literary reference. Sometimes, I’m the only one laughing, but that doesn’t seem to stop me. 

    This is such a great installation though. Who would pick the seat facing away from the water? On the other hand why would these guys edge towards that side of the bench they are on instead of away from plaster man? 

    Based on scientific urinal row research, there is a tendency to separation from stranger men during intimate moments.

    Maybe they are just old guys and approached from the left and Brownman decided to sit first and influenced Redman’s seat.

    A couple of weekends ago, I spent an hour or so at a picnic table facing a protected manatee area with a friend from 40 years ago. It was a good day.


  4. I sat next to plaster man….I eavesdropped for half an hour, when I stood and snapped my pic…they sat, I believe, on that side, to observe the pond. Bill Abrams 
    Either way, lucky me. 🙂


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