Because I could not bring back

Because I could not bring back
the blue heron
who watched us,
out of the river’s shadows,
and then flew heavily away-

because I could not keep
her yellow metal Eye
to remind me of fierceness
I kept this stone.

Blue-grey, like the heron,
layered by millions of years in the sea,
and rounded
by thousands of years in the river,

it is the circling clouds of a storm;
it is all weathers, all calm,

all the weight that keeps you from me
and holds us to the earth.

-Polly Brown
c. 1999


  1. I love herons and egrets! What a beautiful picture!
    Lovely poem.
    Here’s one I made up about the egret:

    I regret
    I’m an egret
    Spend my whole day fishing
    While I was wishing
    That I was something else!!



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