Goodnight from the Panhandle.

Goodnight from the Panhandle.
Hope your first day of 2015 was adventurous and amazing…if not, Tomorrow is a brand new day, complete with 24 hours of opportunities, choices, and attitudes…a perfectly matched set of 1440 minutes. This unique gift, this one day cannot be exchanged, replaced, or refunded. Handle with care. Make the most of it. There is only one per customer.


  1. Someone told me once I couldn’t have it both ways, I couldn’t have my cake and eat it too, Dr. John Cassone.
    What the sense of having cake if you don’t eat it?
    Truth is, I don’t know how to be anything else other than me. 🙂

    Did your snow melt yet?


  2. Are you referring to the traditional banging of pots and pans by children on New Years Eve? or perhaps a panorama? Eve A 🙂
    I have none of the former, and a few of the latter.


  3. Good morning Lady Deidre HufflePillowFightStarter! I am glad you went along. I learned, close up, the difference between a friendly serpent and a dangerous, territorial snake. … & surprised myself by not freaking out. 🙂


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