Your masks are many and obscure all that is within you from most.

Only those who have loved you for who you are, in both flesh and heart,

or sense the shape of your heart when you walk barefoot through the grass or sand can observe the segues from one mask to the next or fathom how you use them to color your gestures and intonations.  Very few must know this about you.

They never see your subtle movements or look deep enough into your eyes or listen close enough to be aware of a protective mask rising.

You effortlessly slip them on and off as your heart directs in moments of work, love and family.

I have seen you both with them and without them.  I have experienced the joy of them cast aside and the pain of you peering through them at me, one by one, in your soft and casual deflection.

I once gazed upon you, lying next to me, your eyes closed.  I was completely lost in your scent and perfect being.  You were happy, quiet and satisfied.

Your glow was the only light as dusk began its descent.

That moment has grown from one of peace and comfort to one of my few treasures.

~a gift from an old love, anonymous

Masks, photography by Jess Rae


  1. beautiful lines indeed! “That moment has grown from one of peace and comfort to one of my few treasures.” sometimes human beings have to put on a mask to hide from themselves, because they don’t like their own true selves. What if you have a realization of your own inner being and discover that it is contradictory to everything you believe in or espouse.


    1. And therein lies our conundrum…I wish to evolve from that character defined by both others and my own misunderstood beliefs, into a ‘Human, simply Being’ in the glorious Present.


      1. and that requires a lot of unconditioning. Its a wonderful journey though 🙂 and its already reflecting in your writing.
        i started on that path in 2004 and found that the biggest obstacle to simply Being is that it doesn’t go down too well with others around us….but if you persist then they get used to the new you.


      2. I’ve downloaded and read “You Can Be A Buddha Too” this afternoon.
        Thank you for sharing your insights on the differences between Wants and Desires…puts things into perspective for me. 🙂


      3. that’s wonderful! thanks for reading and appreciating the writing. I am glad that you could see it the way I did. That essay has generated quite a lot of heated debates. It has always been an initial outright dismissal of the concept to a gradual acceptance.
        Thanks again. It means a lot to have a wonderful writer such as yourself read my works. cheers 🙂


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